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Capsicum and its fat burning properties

The Benefits Of Capsicum

The best solutions are all out there in nature. It’s just that in our mad rush to evolve and progress we seemed to have forgotten the might and goodness of the nature all around us.

Like everything else when it comes to obesity there has been no dearth of research and no end to the weight loss products developed. But the greatest wonder lies in nature itself.

A little more research will reveal some wonderful natural elements which can be taken as part of our diet or as supplement ingredients to combat obesity. One of these magical fat burning components of nature is the capsicum.

increased metabolism, faster calorie burning and the dissolving of stored body fat

What is Capsicum?

Capsicum is a commonly used vegetable all over the world. It is available in different varieties from red hot chili peppers to the regular bell peppers.

Some of these veer towards being extremely hot while the others are milder than mild. It is presence of Capsaicinoids and its amount that makes them hot or mild. But even in the mildest of forms it is an extremely healthy diet component.

Capsaicinoids intake lead to thermogenesis and increase in body heat. This in turn leads to increased metabolism, faster calorie burning and dissolving of the stored body fat.

This all round weight loss feature makes it an invaluable addition to diet supplements though not many have thought of using it. But the ones that have are steadily climbing up the popularly charts when it comes to weight loss effectiveness.

Apart from the all-important Capsaicinoids, Capsicum also contains Capsorubin, Capsanthin, Carotene, Lutein, Capsaicinoid Oleoresin, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Scopoletin and Provitamins E, P, B1, B2, B3.

10 grams of capsicum daily will yield effective weight loss results

Benefits of Capsicum 

  • One of the most important benefits of Capsicum is its fat burning capability. The increased metabolic rate and controlled calorie intake leads to reduced body mass in a very short time.
  • It is a powerful antioxidant which fights the harmful free radicals in the system.
  • Capsicum is also a great aid for improving blood circulation and controlling hypertension.
  • It helps in making the immune system stronger and aids the body to fight infections and diseases successfully.
  • Respiratory illnesses like severe cold and asthma can be effectively controlled by regular capsicum intake
  • Capsicum is also rich in protein and helps build up lean muscles
  • It increases good cholesterol and decreases the level of bad cholesterol as well as triglyceride levels in the system which significantly lowers the risk of heart attacks and other cardiovascular ailments.
  • Keeps skin and other organs healthy, combats fever and cold easily
  • It aids in better digestion and its anti-inflammatory properties help the stomach to relax and function better.
  • Known to release endorphins which help the body deal better with pain
  • Also known to regulate blood sugar levels

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Clinical studies reveal that intake of 10 grams of capsicum daily will yield effective weight loss results. However, most of us are not used to a ‘hot’ palate and might find it difficult to digest direct capsicum and red pepper intake.

One way to go about it would be to start taking capsicum-rich foods and slowly up the intensity over time.

The other, and perhaps easier, way to take in your daily dose of capsicum is through the diet pills and weight loss supplements that have capsicum extract as their key ingredient.

The pepper will be coated in capsules which will protect the stomach lining from the excessive heat of the Capsaicinoids and not cause irritation. At the same time, it will work its magic and induce the required thermogenic effect.

A fun way to introduce variety to your capsicum intake is to opt for Mexican or Indian food from time to time. An acquired taste no doubt, but once you do your capsicum intake will not only be fun and tasty but also be very easy.

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