Chantelle Houghton Slimming Pills

Chantelle Houghton Opts For Slimming Pills Over LipoSuction In Attempt To Lose Her Baby Weight

The best and most sensible way for a diet product to gain credibility is to get some sort of proof that the product actually works.

The way to do this is by getting testimonials and success stories from people who have used the product and had positives experiences and benefited from its use.

Big Brother UK winner Chantelle Houghton pictured with a Capsiplex slimming pill bottle recently. Reported by British tabloid The Sun.

Chantelle is pretty desperate to lose the baby weight and has shunned all other slimming and weight loss methods such as liposuction in favour of Capsiplex.

Currently a size 12 and weighing in at 10 and 1/2 stone (65kg) Chantelle is pretty much putting Capsiplex’s reputation on the table by providing the absolute before photo.

Check back in a a few months to see if she has achieved her target

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Although this may seem obvious it is not the case for a majority of the diet pills and slimming supplements that are in existence with most manufactures seemingly over reliant on a cosmetically pleasing website and bit of ‘science’ thrown in that explains what you might achieve. It seems we should take their word for it!

Although Capsiplex does subscribe to this tactic in part they have gone about backing up and validating their claims by actively seeking some pretty impressive and impartial testimonials.

They have also sought the celebrity testimonial – contrary to popular belief, marketing is not evil. It is necessary. Every product that has ever been created does so to generate profit. Without advertising and profit the human race would still be in dark ages.

Capsiplex generates huge profit – it has been in existence since 2009. Products that have no worth do not usually survive in the most competitive industries.

Capsiplex has not merely survived it has accelerated its profile to such a degree that it has carved its own niche and set a benchmark that formed the basis for replica products from some of the larger pharmaceutical juggernauts.


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